At one period the use of carrageenan is banned due to the confusions between the carrageenan and poligeenan which are a non-food grade thing and looks same as the carrageenan. The wrong use of non-food graded carrageenan in foods creates a wrong assumption about the use of carrageenan in the food items.

But health societies from various countries are considered to look about the use of carrageenan in food due to its amazing benefits. Health societies are processing a research with the exact carrageenan to know the real effects in using the carrageenan and they all said that carrageenan is a safe product to use in the food items.

Health organisations like FAO, World health organisation, JECFA, EU EFSA and Japan ministry of health are processing with the carrageenan separately on their own way and testing the quality of the carrageenan to know the effects and benefits of carrageenan.

The only one restriction of using the carrageenan in the food items is to use the carrageenan as a thickening agent in infant liquid food items, because the little increase of carrageenan in the infant food items may give some side effects for baby.

Small infants cannot able to tolerate even a very small sudden increase of carrageenan content, but grown children and normal age people can use the carrageenan without any fear about carrageenan.

All of the health societies who have tested the properties of carrageenan are only results that the carrageenan is a safe ingredient which can be used in all food items to get amazing effects. The world health organisation suggested that the carrageenan can be used in the dairy based products to preserve the food waste.

As a conclusion of this, all health organisations are approved that the carrageenan is a safe ingredient in foods.

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